Saturday, March 15, 2008

The poor bail out the rich

We are letting the government give millions to the rich on the backs of the poor.

Lower interest rates are saving millionaires, speculators and financial institutions.

In the meantime, the poor see their credit rates hold steady (if you're lucky) or rise.

The interest rate cuts that are saving speculators are also driving up the price of oil.

Millionaires can drive where they please, while poor and middle class people see their dollars buy less and less. Essentially, driving down income.

A salary that bought you 5 gallons of gas/hr. five years ago, now would get you 2.

Meanwhile, the CEOs of mortgage banks that caused this fiasco are filling up their Mercedes as the government funnels billions to undo the damage they caused.

Billions for Bear Stearns not a dime for the working man.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I'm back

It has been a miserable winter in many different ways, and I have been busy in many different ways. Life probably will not settle down for another month or so.

It's tough being a socialist hippie in a tight economy. some ways it is much easier.

The rich, and the corporate burn the energy then charge us for the pleasure. The rich and the corporate destroy the economy, cut the jobs and lay the burden on the poor.

The poor refuse to stand up for themselves. Trapped by fear and an education system that prepares one NOT for independent life, but corporate dependency OR perpetual slavery to the castrating educational system itself.

The University is the new church. Conservatives dressed as liberals deceiving themselves whilst reading socialist books.

It's winter.

The hippie grows weary.

Spring is bound to come.

Spring is bound to come.