Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Heritage

What disturbs me about Heritage Wesleyan.

It is hard to say.

I am an open, do your own thing type of Christian.

I am not envious, nor jealous.

I suppose I am slightly disturbed by "contemporary" churches in that they seem to promote a kind of "capitalist" Christianity that bothers me.

They remind of CCM magazine and Worship magazine. Two "Christian" periodicals that are about selling stuff more than getting me to love "Jesus".

Its also that I have a strong negative history with mega-churches. I was asked to leave one in Houston once because my 18 month old cried once. This could be picked up by the mics used to broadcast the service.

We could have left here in the "Children's Area" where we would exchange our child for a number, much like one does with one's coat.

That's not it either.

I mean, if they are introducing people to Jesus, and caring about each other, and working for peace and giving away their money and stuff...that is Great!

It is a difficult balance. Evangelizing, and talking about the Christian life.

Evangelizing is easy, trying to be a Christian is amazingly hard.

I don't presume to be judge, and my Christian life is quite the failure.

I probably would make a better Catholic, really.

I guess, that's it, though, at the bottom of it.

I don't believe in a successful church. There is no such thing. Churches are monuments to the failure of Christians. That is why I belong to one, work at one, even.

Working for the day when we realize that we don't need anything to get the message of Christ. CDs, TVs, Cars, money all tossed aside.

When does the pursuit of excellence replace the pursuit of the broken heart that Christ desires? When does support of the community surpass fellowship behind walls?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Follow the money

Hey, a twofer for today.

The thing I most find frustrating about this ignorant war is the obviousness of its intention. Unfortunately, most people are missing it.

Who profits? Probably the first and only question in most wars. That has been mostly ignored in this one.

Who profits? Oil companies (the Bushes and Cheney's best friend). Halliburton (Dick Cheney's company). That's it. Pure and simple. All else is lies and cover.

That is the cover up. That is what we're going to learn in 30 years. Privatization of the military and endless war gives money to the rich and the super rich. The ultimate exploitation since it is primarily the poor and lower middle class who fight the war and suffer from the cost. Cost that puts profits in Exxon's hands, and Blackwater's and Halliburton's. Had they not been such fools, Enron would be reaping record profits along with all or Bush's cronies.

Get out of Iraq now.

Wake up!

Concerns with "Individual mandates"

I am concerned that the democrats are making a big mistake.

That is called "individual mandates".

Requiring everyone to carry health insurance. This is like auto insurance, they tell us.

Except: One can always take away one's drving priviliges. Exactly what will happen if you don't get health insurance? What do you take away? Would every man, woman and child carry a card to prove coverage?

Then there's the idea of making a giant database of Health histories. A database, one would assume, the government would have access to.

As a user of "alternative" health services and as one who rejects the concept of mandatory vaccination, I am concerned that I could be punished for personal health care choices.

Single Payer could avoid these problems. That is why I still strongly support "single payer" coverage. Individual mandates, it appears to me, may even be unconstitutional.

Monday, September 24, 2007


The state cuts art funding.

Another local blog has chosen to celebrate.

Already, the Quad Cities is full of talented people who give so much time and energy to the arts. Few, if any of these people, are seeking to get rich on it. Many not only give away their time and talent, but also their money.

What do the Quad Cities get in return?

Renown! Exposure! Tourism! Big $$$.

As does the whole state of Illinois.

Artists need to complain to their legislator. Artists need to complain to the governor. Artists need to stand up for what they give to this state.

Comment on local blogs. Write letters to the paper (as I will). The arts in the Illinois Quad Cities need to come together on this issue.

Arts enliven the community at such a low cost already! Imagine if you had to pay the true cost to watch a musical, play, listening to WVIK or watching WQPT?

You couldn't afford to see a show if artists charged what they were worth.

We get so little from the state. Without that tiny support, though, see how many groups can continue to enrich the business of the community.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thankful Sunday

Okay, what to be thankful for this week...

The change in seasons. Fall is my favorite time of year.

Teachers and students at Audubon School in Rock Island. (Fight the good fight!)

For all those who will do one thing at all this week to help preserve the environment. Especially by NOT burning leaves. Let them rot! Give them to me! The world could always use more compost.

Have a great week.



Thursday, September 20, 2007

What could be worse?

1.2 million Iraquis dead.

They are free now.

One hates to be terribly cynical, but there seems to be no way out.

Except to leave.

Already there are 1.2 million dead.

2 million displaced.

"If you leave, it will be terrible!"

What is it now?

We warned you.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Many Thanks!

The Yurt is DONE! (well, nearly, a few minor things to play with).

A Massive thank you to all who helped (you know who you are).

A huge thank you to all who took the time to read my column in the QCTimes. I can't believe how supportive they have been of me this year. I really appreciate it. I especially liked the commentary sent to me personally, put up on this blog or put up at the QCTimes web site.


Friday, September 07, 2007


I'd like to welcome anyone who jumped on over or who was curious after reading my column in the QCTimes on Saturday.

Take your shoes off and relax!

I am pretty busy this weekend. Hopefully, we will be finishing building a yurt on my little piece of property. This was supposed to be done on labor day, but we had to answer the question "How many college degrees does it take to figure out a generator?". Thankfully, we have made good friends with the farmer up the road who was glad to quickly point out the error of our ways. (Insert rant about the school system here)

If you want any hippie living advice, or have any thing that's bugging you, are interested in socialist christianity, or just want to hang out...please go ahead and post.

I like to think of this page as a little commune. All are welcome.


Saturday, September 01, 2007

Thankful Sunday

This is kind of evil, but, I've got to let it out of me every once in a while:

Thank you to Appalacian State!

Well, to be less evil,

Thanks to Michigan,

and Thanks to my new Dog Euripedes, and the old dog Hannibal who is no longer with us.

Again, you are encouraged to post your own!

Have a great weekend!