Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time to mourn and celebrate and keep the flame

Molly Ivins passed away. True sadness.

Yet, I'm sure she would not want us to mourn. She would want us to redouble our efforts to stop the madness that is our guv'ment.

Impeach the SHRUB!

She's probably up there telling God a thing or two about the way he should run the world.

Please, pleasantries only. Fond memories. Mourning thoughts.

Today, this is a no snipe zone.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Love the US

You know, certain people think that hippies, pagans, homsexuals, transgendered, socialists and liberals hate the USA.

Not so, quite the opposite. You can find no more abiding love for this country among these groups.

We may not be patriotic, but we live in a great country where one need not be "patriotic". We love the constitution, and what else is this country if not the laws upon which we agree.

Which is patriotic, just not "PATRIOTIC".

I love the US of A. I also love all citizens of the world. I also love that I am not made to love the US of A.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Inconvenient truth gets my oscar

Just saw it last night on DVD.

The most important and obvious point takes place fairly early on, where in order to follow the projected line of CO2 increase, Al Gore gets on a lift in order to rise to the point where CO2 will be in fifty years.

In comparrison, we are given the difference between the temperatures that, nearly exatly, eerily, follow the CO2 level that would result in 2 miles of ice being on top of Manhattan. The difference is, about, 2 feet between this cold world, and the world we lived in when CO2 was in normal range. Now, he had to move up several feet on said lift to show where CO2 would be. At least 10 ft. up. About 5 times the difference that had occurred naturally over the past several hundred years.

This combined with the fact that in all peer reviewed articles ranomly sampled (I believe there were over 900), every single one accepted global warming as happening.

Now, for those who want to know...peer review means that it just isn't any old study, but one that has been looked at by other scientists and found to be goood enough to be put into a journal. So good, that these other scientists put their names behind it.

The movie overcomes any doubt, better than I could, so I simply encourage you to watch, before you dismiss it. Watch before you vote. Read other science journals. Read a science article on global warming, it is scary.

Remember, for 30 years + the tobacco industry told us that smoking was safe and did not cause cancer.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thankful Sunday

Allright, it's thankful Sunday.

My three things I'm thankful for:

QCMediaghost, QCTimes, and "Breakfast At Victory" (great book) from which I take this quote from the beginning of a chapter:

"I sought God for thirty years until I realized that I was the one being sought" -Anonymous Sufi (this is a paraphrase, I will check the book as soon as I found what I did with it)

I invite all to join in with their three (max) thanks for the week.

Blessings Peace Shalom


Friday, January 19, 2007

Why do Christians hate peace?

It intrigues me.

People profess themselves to be moral, loving, upright, Christians and then they go about denying every possible precept and shouting down those who speak up to say that the world could be more loving, accepting, caring and just.

I do not judge these people. They are quite welcome on the road to peace. They are worthy, excellent human beings.

One just wonders where the problem lies, exactly.

I am often told to live in the "real" world.

Yet, even science has yet to find this place. The world, as far as logic and science can take us, is just about as unreal and fanciful as it could possibly be.

This "real" world is also filled with people saying "Be true to yourself!", "Love one another!", "do the RIGHT thing".

We do not seek riches, we seek the "real" world. Many of us share what we have with others when we can.

We are not perfect people. Far from it. But many are open to all possibilities of life, and open to all different kinds of people; Fat, thin, rich, poor, injured, blind, ugly, pretty. Doesn't matter.

Stand up for these people! Stand for inclusion! Welcome all comers! Preach the gospel of PEACE!

And you're shouted at. Stolen from. Made fun of. Belittled.

Of course that's what the bible says would happen.

It's just weird seeing it come from people who claim to base their life on the book you got these ideas from in the first place.

Do any Christians agree? Disagree? How about other faiths? or Non-faiths?