Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Freedom is free

...or it's not freedom.

Just would like to say that to day.

Not to dis the army (though I am a pacifist. To each their own)

I just hate the phrase "Freedom isn't free".

Of course it is.

Enjoy your freedom.

BTW, maybe we should look at the "alter or abolish" thing a little more closely. Who says we have to put up with 18 more months of King Dick and Defender of the faith George!

The last guy we declared independence from was named George too.

Then of course, we picked another George to be our first President.

Let's see...this Bush would be...George the Third, right? If you count Washington as George the First.

Down with George the Third.

I'm just being patriotic.

Peace to you, love and forgiveness.

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