Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy day of Conquest

Let us strive to be truly grateful as we remember the inidans, slaves, children, women, immigrants and those who do not have the day off. Let us remember those who labor in factories in China and other countries under conditions that we would never put up with ourselves, or would ever believe any human should toil under in the 21st century. For they toil, and have toiled to give joy to their masters with the cash and the guns.

We will soon celebrate the coming of the one who blessed the world with a message of sacrifice and love by handing out multitudes of items made by or picked by those who work in misery.

I do it myeself.

It is the way of the world.

The richness of our table's bounty comes not from our hands alone, but from the hands of many unseen and unknown to us. Soon that richness may dwindle as the slave above all other slaves (the Earth) is stripped of its finery for simple lucre.

A truly grateful people would be mindful without ending of the sacrifice made of others, of economic injustice and of the destruction of forests, plains, and even mountains. Ripped from children's hands.

Who would work for such a rude master as we are to the planet?

How long before the exploited rise up to return what they have been dealt?

Are we truly thankful!

Let us strive to be so.

Enjoy the turkey.

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