Monday, June 02, 2008

Capitalist say what?

You know, I love hearing "The Market will solve the problem".

I challenge you to show me an instance where the "market" solved any "problem".

Selling crap and lying about it doesn't seem to me to "help".

I'm open to be proven wrong, though.


tiger woods said...

What an amazing post!

- Open heart surgery.
- The Jarvic heart.
- Hip, knee, joint transplants.
- Fed Ex (when the USPS failed).
- Computer technology
- Automobiles
- Air travel
- Electricity
- Telephone

My goodness man, what are you thinking?

Anonymous said...

Look like you have indeed been proven wrong!

I have to agree with tiger, what were you thinking? Were you thinking?

Is this the type of thinking promoted by socialism?

Socialist Christian Hippie said...

Well, let's see:

I would hope that my doctor isn't just in it for the $$$. Most researchers aren't.

Computer technology? The internet was a government program. Most web-browsers started as university created software...the plasma screen was first used on Plato terminals at the U of Illinois.

Automobiles haven't solved any problem.

Airline travel?

Electricity? So...let's see, the big bang was caused by capitalism?

The telephone? There is an argument that Alexander Bell stole the idea.

Read the question:

What PROBLEM has capitalism solved?

I see you write about transportation issues, yet capitalism has led to one of the least efficient, most deadly and least healthful transportation systems ever created!

I see health care...Again...same problems expensive, inefficient, no good.

Computers...mostly done by Government R&D.

tiger woods said...

Polio, I'd suggest that this was a problem, cured by the free market system.

There are diseases galore that the free market system has cured.

You'd suggest that Merck is not in it for the money?????

tiger woods said... hunger.

Free market solution -
1. Better fertilizers,
2. Irrigation,
3. Hybrid seeds,
4. The plow,
5. Tractors
6. Etc.

Thank you!

tiger woods said...

Problem - death due to extreme heat.

Free market solution - Air conditioning.

Thank you!

tiger woods said...

Problem - death due to freezing.

Free market solution - indoor heat that would not kill people.

Thank you!

tiger woods said...

Problem - unsanitary living.

Free market solution - indoor plumbing/ sewer systems.

Thank you!

tiger woods said...

Can I stop now?

Can you admit that your post maybe was not thought through real well?

tiger woods said...


you have posted since these PROBLEMS were posted. Nothing to say?

Socialist Christian Hippie said...

world hunger was solved mostly by the German War machine of WWI. The same technique that created poison gas is used to convert oil into fertilizer.

Fire was invented by nomads.

hybrid seeds were good for the west and rich farmers. They are one of the things that have prolonged suffering in the third world.

The ancients appear to have had access to indoor plumbing and fire for heat.

Communes run quite well with all the above and further contraptions.

Diseases were eradicated with medical science (again, much of it from university and government r&d). Then there's near mandatory government vaccination. We are finding out that capitalism has created disease and help spread disease.

Anonymous said...

wow buddy, you are hopeless.

Publius said...

Automobiles haven't solved any problems? What?

Automobiles have allowed the following:
1. For a person to travel the entire country in 2 days, max.


2. Has kept people from dying from a simple 500 mile trek.

Electricty hasn't solved anything either? What?

Bell stole the telephone? From who? The government? Even if he stole it from someone else, the market was still responsible for it.

i am wasting my time.

quit smoking pot.