Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Investigative Reporting?

QCTimes says that it was the Progressive Clergy, the Dispatch says it is Churches United, and goes further, printing contact information for Churches United.

Knowing both of these groups, it sounds to me, from who is quoted in the article, that it is the Progressive Clergy. This would be a fairly sizeable gaffe for the Dispatch as it is front page and includes, then, wrong contact information.

The second thing I notice in the Dispatch is the WiMAX article. It seems that BHC has sold its EBS to QCO. Given your and my property tax dollars support BHC, I would be interested in more 411.

We are told the FCC approved the sale of BHC's EBS to QCO. Yet, such a partnership, yea, near monopoly that this will create should have had a lot of public oversight. How will this affect the digital divide? Are there other options for using the EBS? How does this not give MDPC a great advantage in the delivery of content, phone service, video service and music service, without hardly any investment in infrastructure. DSL will allow the MDPC to be a phone service provider over public infrastructure. All for, what, under $100,000 a year? That, and it doesn't seem that anyone in the community will benefit from this partnership. Except the pocketbooks of those at MDPC who have just hit the jackpot.

Anyone else a little baffled, today?

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DookOfURL said...

I thought "progressives" got hysterical at the thought of "theocracy", yet there they are, in all their clerical glory, insisting on limiting political free speech. As if McCain-Feingold didn't do a good enough job of that!

What about the "separation of church and state" that "progressives" are constantly frothing about?

Typical left-wing "do as we say not as we do" hypocrisy.

Sad, but true.