Sunday, November 19, 2006


As we celebrate the white man's invasion of "America". Let us give thanks. So come one, come all. Thanks Sunday is extended: Post all week, please limit to ten (the normal limit of three is also lifted) the things that you are most thankful for this year.

My favorites:

1. Thanks and love to all those who have hated and argued with me over the past year. Especially those who loathe the socialist road to freedom and love.

2. My Family and friends

3. Borat

4. Brit-Coms

5. Peace that surpasseth all understanding.

6. My lovely, six acres of land, lovingly thieved from the indians around 150 or so years ago.

7. My pets that teach me what it means to be a loving, forgiving being by waking me up at 3am.

8. Opera Quad Cities, The Genesius Guild, Prenzie Players

9. Unitarian Universalists everywhere.

10. Gorillas

Of course, one should be thankful for all things. Extreme thankfulness brings one joy, and shows, quickly, what little money should really mean in this world.

Praise Be, Peace, Shalom, Enjoy the Turkey!

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