Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Peace on Christmas

Those who claim a "war on Christmas" are wrong, no matter who they speak for. All sides have lost. Peace rules!

You see I believe:

My God is large enough to embrace Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Athiests.
He appears to each as they can find him.
My God celebrates the Solstice, the Yule, Ramadan, Hannukah, Yom Kippur.
My God speaks through the bible, the torah, the Koran, Dr. Seuss, Yeats, Kipling, Stephen King, Rumi, the Gospel of Thomas, the Gnostic Gospels, through my children.
How dare you say that Christ is the son of a God who can only hold one religion.
Christ is who I follow to discover the truth of the beauty of God.
"My House has many rooms!" says God.
Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the light". What a great play on words "I am" is the name of God, and "I am" being a call to find your own way, and "I am" being a call to follow his way.
My God is the God of contradiction.
My God sent his son to die for life. My Goddess takes care of the Earth. My God is in all people. My God rules over the dogs and comforts them. He is with my rat, even though my rat is 10 years gone.
She is the start of all creation. He is creativity, reminding me that all things are beautiful.

Merry Christmas! Wolcum Yule! Happy Solstice! Happy Channukah! Praise be to Allah! Praise be to Darwin, Einstein, Freud, Skinner and Sacks! Alleluia brother and sisters! Love all, hate none, fear no evil for God is good!


Dave Barrett said...

What a wonderful Christmas message, Michael! You have a true Christmas spirit! Surely the Christmas message should be one of happiness, inclusion and joy.
It is unfortunate that some people who call themselves Christian are ruining their own Christmas by thinking negative, exclusionary thoughts, imagining that people are at war with them simply because they have different traditions and symbols.

Roger Butts said...

A beautiful Christmas reflection. Thank you!
Rev. Roger Butts
Unitarian Church, Davenport