Saturday, January 20, 2007

Thankful Sunday

Allright, it's thankful Sunday.

My three things I'm thankful for:

QCMediaghost, QCTimes, and "Breakfast At Victory" (great book) from which I take this quote from the beginning of a chapter:

"I sought God for thirty years until I realized that I was the one being sought" -Anonymous Sufi (this is a paraphrase, I will check the book as soon as I found what I did with it)

I invite all to join in with their three (max) thanks for the week.

Blessings Peace Shalom



QCMediaGhost said...

You forgot to mention Wal~Mart? Ghost

Dave Barrett said...

I join you in being thankful. I will have to work on being thankful for qcmediaghost, though.

QCMediaGhost said...

So the ‘love thy enemy’ part of your Christianity does not apply? There’s something else to feed your guilt. Are you, Mr. Barrett, just an empty Christian suit? I’ll forgive you. Ghost