Friday, August 24, 2007

John Edwards

I must say, that I have changed my mind. Having been an Obama fan for quite some time, I have already switched horses, jumped ship...whatever.

I have just been so impressed by what John Edwards has said and continues to say. Given that. I am strongly endorsing him for the Democratic ticket.

He seems to be the only candidate willing to fight corporate greed and environmental degredation head on. He is the only one who speaks for the lower classes and understands the fight we are in against the rich.

The government, and even the democrats are too beholden to business interests and not to We the People.

Please support his candidacy in any way you can. Especially at the ballot box.


The Inside Dope said...

Interesting to see someone else who has had the same reaction to Edwards. I had previously regarded him as a good candidate, but hadn't really considered that he would be the one I'd support.

But after seeing several debates and assessing the various Dem candidates, I too have come to the conclusion that Edwards' message of standing up to the out of control corporatism that I feel is at the root of nearly all the country's problems is vitally needed.

From the rampant consolodation of media power into few hands, which threatens democracy itself by keeping the public distracted and uninformed or misinformed, to the horrible state of health care, to the inability of the government to respond to natural disasters, to .... you name it. It all goes back to this administration literally handing out country over to corporations and refusing to enforce laws and regulations that are in place to serve the public good.

As you noted, Edwards is the only candidate who both acknowledges this real and pressing problem, and who pledges to do something about it.

Also as you noted, the rest of the field, particularly Clinton, are barely distinguishable from the Republicans when it comes to biting the hand that feeds them, namely corporate interests.

It's a long way to the election, but I am almost surprised to see that of all Dems running, Edwards looks the most appealing at this time.

uncommonsense said...

Yeah we need to punish the greedy mean-spirited multi-national corporations. They are destroying the planet and exploiting the poor. Also, we should tax the rich at least 95% of their income. Honestly, why does anyone deserve to make more money than me? Thats why we need the government to make sure everyone is equal because its not fair at all. Corporations just serve to increase inequality. The government can do a fine job of
managing the entire economy - I know John Edwards can. I would rather live in equality of servitude than inequality of means.
Also, we should make healthcare totally free then the system would be perfect just like it is in Europe where people only have to wait 6 months to see a dentist.

If the founding fathers were alive today they would definitely support John Edwards. Most people don't know this, but Thomas Jefferson was a closet socialist. Preventing the exploitation of the working class was basically the reason they wrote the constitution and started the revolutionary war in the first place. We need to go back to our roots.

Vote John Edwards 2008!!!

Responsibility is the enemy of the people.


Micheline said...

You write very well.