Sunday, August 12, 2007

Thankful Sunday

Alright, here's a thankful Sunday the day before I'm heading out to the Iowa State Fair.

Thanks to all my farming friends who have made the pasture hay a successful venture this year, thanks to the audiences that have supported community theater this summer, and thanks to the QCTimes, and all the bloggers who were at the meeting this past Tuesday. It was great having a face to face discussion and, although I disagree with some of the times policies, at least they let us come and offer our opinions on such things. Thanks (I know, I'm over the limit AGAIN) to those who mentioned reading this blog. I don't get tons of comments, and that's because I tend not to be so "in your face" about things, so the occasional feedback is very appreciated.

Have a good week. I'll save you an Elephant Ear or a deep fried twinkie! I'll try to bring back a picture of the butter Harry Potter.


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