Thursday, December 20, 2007

Year End Bests

Since everyone else is doing one...I thought I'd throw one in too. Why not, eh?

Best Show in QC: "Dracula" production by Ballet Quad Cities. This was the most awesome thing that I've seen on stage in the Quads, perhaps...ever. Wonderful movement and excellent use of the stage. Stunning. I had to keep checking to make sure that I was sitting in Davenport. Wow.

Best Movie: Well, "No country for old Men". Easy one there. Not that I get to see that many movies, but Cormac meets Coen...who could ask for anything more (perhaps Tim Burton and Stephen Sondheim)

Best Book: "How to Read the Bible" by James Kugel. An absolute must read for anyone interested in Biblical history or interpretation. Interesting, funny, infomative...what else can one ask?

Best News Website(s): Actually, most of them have gone downhill. Qconline and Qctimes have decided to make finding stories more difficult. Qctimes has picked up a great blogger in Art Pitz. However, they make me push a tab to find Melissa Coulter's stuff, and press another tab to get to the Letters to the Editor. No longer is this stuff right there on the front page.

Michael Romkey (Writing and Romkey) is probably my favorite blog...though Art Pitz is gaining. Both are intelligent and rarely visited by blather. has gone WAY downhill. Their front page is starting to look like the National Enquirer. Nytimes, NPR, and BBC are all we got left for good news. Money and News seem not to mix to well.

anyway...I may have more of the year's roundup as time goes on.

Enjoy the holidays.

Check out some live music this weekend.

visit capitalist's corner for some last minute or late gifts.

Hare Krishna to all, and to all a good night.

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