Wednesday, March 14, 2007

driving vs. standing still

All sorts of peple are spewing invective at a woman who may not be the greatest mother in the world (of course, he who throws stones...etc.) but, apparently, did not break the law either.

A child died.

Now, the strange thing is: Which is more dangerous? A moving car on the highways and byways of our land? or A car sitting in a parking lot?
Do more kids die on the highways and byways of our land or in a parking lot?

In Iowa, it is child abuse, to leave your car in a stopped vehicle. Yet, I would bet, it is still much more dangerous to have your child in a moving car with both parents inside than leaving them alone in a parked car. I would bet. If it is not, please correct me. I would like to see the statistics. (I don't have the $$$ or the time that professional journalists have).

As George Carlin says: They want to ban toy guns...and KEEP the REAL ones!

Peace. Good job Walter Braud! The law is the law and it takes a good judge to stand up to the mob. Even with the law on your side.


Dave Barrett said...

I agree. Judge Braud did the right thing.

DookOfURL said...

If Jeff Terronez has hopes for "bigger and better" things politically, he (and those in his office) is going to have to stop botching these high-profile cases.

People remember cases like this and the Kolb trial(and re-trial). It would be easy for a political rival to question Terronez' competency---especially if he racks up more failures like the Bacon case----and the buck stops with Terronez in the States Attorney office.

Steveyreo said...

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