Thursday, March 15, 2007

Qconline takes on Radish

Go to this article read it and then go back to the top of the article and look just to the right to see what ads qconline has put with this article.



QuadCityImages said...

You should have got a screenshot for us, because I believe you're talking about the Google ads. They change pretty much with every pageload, and sometimes Google can definitely select some pretty funny stuff. They base their ads off of key words located on the page, but sometimes they pick some downright strange ones.

-shane- said...

Yep, we run into that with the Google ads on the music site I help run all the time. Do an article on The Police reforming and next thing you know, Google ads are popping up for bee "Sting" remedies and World's Craziest Police Chase videos... :)

Socialist Christian Hippie said...

It was mostly for Chem-;awn type spray services when I looked.

I was wondering if they knew that on the one side there was an article on organics and they were being sponsored by chemical companies

mrc said...

I love the google ad weirdnesses -- the algorithm mostly gets it right, but sometimes strange stuff happens. I have it on for my gmail, and I love it when a boring school-related conversation triggers an ad for Depends, or something. I think that the joke would be on the chem companies in this case, as their click-through rate is going to be pretty low being fed from that article. I'd be curious to know what the pricing is, though, on this sort of thing. And how you could game it.

mrc said...

... for instance, just now i had a conversation with someone about politics, which triggered the following google ads:

* proudly become a member of the right wing conspiracy with stickers and buttons!

* date liberals now!

* is pbs fair or biased?

* john dean confronts conservatism

... so they know i'm interested in politics, but they are advertising all across the spectrum, because they don't know what my take is. (computer natural language processing, btw, is a huge and difficult problem...)


Anthony said...

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