Friday, March 09, 2007

What we walk by

I haven't been blogging much because of lack of response, and more interesting writing duties. Those few who do read seem to be enjoying themselves and I am happy with that.

I am taking time to bring up something that I have noticed recently, and something that I may write more on in some other forum. So I won't do much more than a summery here.

It is simply the beauty that we walk by every day. We pass by newness and beauty just because we refuse to look for it, and are drawn into recognition and "same old/same old" type of thought process.

Yet every day, every hour brings a new landscape whether you are flying to a new country or walking down the neighborhood street, or passing that house for the 30th time.

Take time to find something new, and relax. Same old/same old seems stressful, confining and boring. New beauty is relaxing and satisfying.

Again...more later. Would love to hear your thoughts.



mrc said...

dear schqc -- number of comments is not important - many people read, far fewer comment. another thing i would say is that people respond more to the specific than to the general. (which is why "our town" is really boring, if you ask me.) a final thing is that you say some controversial things, but in sort of a nice way -- and you don't allow anon comments. "nice" discussions where everyone agrees die pretty quickly -- you probably have a lot of readers who agree with the things you say -- but it's hard to add anything to "the beauty of the everyday" rather than "great sermon". so, to conclude, let me say that you should keep posting.

what i would encourage you to do, though, is change your blog slightly, and post some of your best pictures. i think those are really powerful, interesting, and highly specific.

mrc said...

p.s. -- by "our town" i mean the play, not the quad city area as such.

DookOfURL said...

I second what mrc says, plus add that when you say, as in your cartoon post that "no debate here. No argument. No discussion" and the Molly Ivins post where you say "Please, pleasantries only...this is a no snipe zone". You are not exactly looking for "discussion", just praise for your positions.

I assume most of your readers are adults, yet you become the nanny with your "please, pleasantries only...this is a no snipe zone..." remark. You are insulting anyone over the age of 7 (or less).

You drive off commenters with your "holier than thou" attitude, which, now that I think about it, pretty much defines both liberals and Christians.