Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free art zone!

I was just inspired by QCImages to post on this. A positive move on the Davenport riverfront. Incorporating the Skate Park all the disperate elements and The Figge.

How about a "Open Art" or "Free Art" area. Interactive, public works of art. Areas to display new art created by young and/or local artists. Allow everyone to help decorate the skate park. Build a small stage and allow cheap/free access to musicians/comedians and theater groups. Turn the length of the river into an art fair every summer. Performing artists, street theater, grafiti art, ever changing.

When Bix Festival starts, everything is Bix and Bix themed.

Blues Fest, Blues themes.

Sports/Human/Figure themes near the Ballpark. Invite young artists to compose pieces out in the open.

Start an art festival at some point to center the whole year around.

It would work great and enhance the farmer's market, everything that goes on down there. It would draw people from free public art displays into the museum. The skybridge could lead from one art zone to another, and art all the way through it. Not just colored lights, but use the sky bridge as a blank canvas. Artists could come and decorate it the way they like!

I am totally into this idea! Imagine hearing all types of performers and seeing all types of artists interacting with the river. That could put Davenport on the map!

Thank you QCImages.

Here is my positive input!

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