Saturday, September 29, 2007

Our Heritage

What disturbs me about Heritage Wesleyan.

It is hard to say.

I am an open, do your own thing type of Christian.

I am not envious, nor jealous.

I suppose I am slightly disturbed by "contemporary" churches in that they seem to promote a kind of "capitalist" Christianity that bothers me.

They remind of CCM magazine and Worship magazine. Two "Christian" periodicals that are about selling stuff more than getting me to love "Jesus".

Its also that I have a strong negative history with mega-churches. I was asked to leave one in Houston once because my 18 month old cried once. This could be picked up by the mics used to broadcast the service.

We could have left here in the "Children's Area" where we would exchange our child for a number, much like one does with one's coat.

That's not it either.

I mean, if they are introducing people to Jesus, and caring about each other, and working for peace and giving away their money and stuff...that is Great!

It is a difficult balance. Evangelizing, and talking about the Christian life.

Evangelizing is easy, trying to be a Christian is amazingly hard.

I don't presume to be judge, and my Christian life is quite the failure.

I probably would make a better Catholic, really.

I guess, that's it, though, at the bottom of it.

I don't believe in a successful church. There is no such thing. Churches are monuments to the failure of Christians. That is why I belong to one, work at one, even.

Working for the day when we realize that we don't need anything to get the message of Christ. CDs, TVs, Cars, money all tossed aside.

When does the pursuit of excellence replace the pursuit of the broken heart that Christ desires? When does support of the community surpass fellowship behind walls?

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