Thursday, September 27, 2007

Follow the money

Hey, a twofer for today.

The thing I most find frustrating about this ignorant war is the obviousness of its intention. Unfortunately, most people are missing it.

Who profits? Probably the first and only question in most wars. That has been mostly ignored in this one.

Who profits? Oil companies (the Bushes and Cheney's best friend). Halliburton (Dick Cheney's company). That's it. Pure and simple. All else is lies and cover.

That is the cover up. That is what we're going to learn in 30 years. Privatization of the military and endless war gives money to the rich and the super rich. The ultimate exploitation since it is primarily the poor and lower middle class who fight the war and suffer from the cost. Cost that puts profits in Exxon's hands, and Blackwater's and Halliburton's. Had they not been such fools, Enron would be reaping record profits along with all or Bush's cronies.

Get out of Iraq now.

Wake up!

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