Monday, September 24, 2007


The state cuts art funding.

Another local blog has chosen to celebrate.

Already, the Quad Cities is full of talented people who give so much time and energy to the arts. Few, if any of these people, are seeking to get rich on it. Many not only give away their time and talent, but also their money.

What do the Quad Cities get in return?

Renown! Exposure! Tourism! Big $$$.

As does the whole state of Illinois.

Artists need to complain to their legislator. Artists need to complain to the governor. Artists need to stand up for what they give to this state.

Comment on local blogs. Write letters to the paper (as I will). The arts in the Illinois Quad Cities need to come together on this issue.

Arts enliven the community at such a low cost already! Imagine if you had to pay the true cost to watch a musical, play, listening to WVIK or watching WQPT?

You couldn't afford to see a show if artists charged what they were worth.

We get so little from the state. Without that tiny support, though, see how many groups can continue to enrich the business of the community.

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