Friday, September 07, 2007


I'd like to welcome anyone who jumped on over or who was curious after reading my column in the QCTimes on Saturday.

Take your shoes off and relax!

I am pretty busy this weekend. Hopefully, we will be finishing building a yurt on my little piece of property. This was supposed to be done on labor day, but we had to answer the question "How many college degrees does it take to figure out a generator?". Thankfully, we have made good friends with the farmer up the road who was glad to quickly point out the error of our ways. (Insert rant about the school system here)

If you want any hippie living advice, or have any thing that's bugging you, are interested in socialist christianity, or just want to hang out...please go ahead and post.

I like to think of this page as a little commune. All are welcome.


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Infinitio Iter Questio Prudentia said...

Your article in the QCT was something I have not seen in many years. Thank you for reminding me of the journey.