Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Lillies of the Field

Barb Ickes talks about bums, and many bloggers respond in a strange way. Then there is a letter in the Quad City times about Obama's trip to Africa/personal responsibility, and they respond in the same, odd way.

"Why don't they get off their lazy b*tts and get a job"

First of all, being a bum isn't easy, or everyone would be doing it. Of course, working is like being a bum, nowadays, just steadier pay. What is sitting in front of a computer and putting ideas on paper. Work? If some rich guy is paying you for it...yeah. If you are begging for money yourself (being an entrepeneur)...yeah. Being an entrepeneur is just begging on a different level. Listen to Paul Harvey, for Pete's sake, he says stuff on the radio that he gleans from someone else's newspaper or from a wire service reporter, and he states the most lowest common denominator commentary that one can find, and then tells you to buy a bed from the guy who gives him a buck or two.

Let's make this easy... Almost NO ONE in this society creates wealth. It is a very few who have stolen enough wealth that enslaves the rest of us.

The most honest work is government work. In that, the government is controlled by the people (or we could control it, if we behaved the way owners should) and therefore government work is working for yourself. Taxes become money you pay yourself. And if you do your government job well, you benefit yourself.

Being a greeter at Wal Mart is not a real job. It's you trying to make the guy (Sam Walton and his heirs) look nice so you can scam a few $$ off him. Writing for Time Magazine, isn't a job. If you are so smart, start your own magazine, but then you have to beg people to buy it.

Let's put it this way...Bums are honest. They beg for money. A guy standing on a street corner in a clown outfit with a sign (happens, ironically enough, usually close to where the "honest" bums are) is only doing it for the money that he can spend on dope, booze, property taxes...whatever. He's getting less than the bum, because he can't afford the overhead.

What does the chamber of commerce do? Beg rich people to bring their jobs to our area. Why don't the people of the chamber of commerce create wealth, instead of begging for it from rich corporations?

Jesus says: See the lillies of the field? They neither toil nor spin, and yet...the Lord cares for them. Why worry aobut yourself? Don't you believe that God will care for you?

I am a bum...and proud of it. Hopefully, someday, I'll have enough faith to get off my lazy b*tt and trust in the Lord.

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