Saturday, August 12, 2006

Welcome to the Quad City Home of Peace and Love

Love and Support to you! May this missive find you blessed!

Yes, I am the socialist, Christian Hippie of the Quad Cities, and welcome to this blessed land. I am here to fight for truth, equal justice, liberal religious thought, self sustainable environmentalism, and the occasional whacked out, freaky, good time. All are welcome in my house.

So what's on tap for today?


No, not the Davenport city council. The UN hasn't figured out their problem yet. Rather, I am speaking of Israel and Hezbollah, and Lebanon. Those who are fighting over a glorious land, about the size of Rock Island County. Imagine a bunch of Port Byron seperatists, launching a bunch of missiles at Aledo. Then you've got the picture. Actually, you've got a good idea. But...we're all for peace here, and that, my friends, is what we have.

Cease Fire!

As of ohhh, midnight Monday, all fighting is to cease. The Bekaa valley will sound as quiet as Downtown Davenport on a Tuesday night. The UN will run an army into this area, the size of Rock Island County, and assume control. No more missiles, tanks, or harsh words to be flung furthermore.

Do I believe that? No.

What is the Socialist Christian Hippie's take?

Well, peace is welcome, brother. Yet, what the Israeli army cannot stop, the UN will? The UN will give cover...unwittingly...for a Hezbollah rest, recovery and re-arm fun time. They will also give political cover to Lebanon. Yet, sooner or later, the Hezbollah will launch a missile and some poor farmer, down Aledo way, will get his/her head removed and then we're in BIG MESS land. Now you'll have Hezbollah, Israel, the UN, in a three-way. With poor hippies in the middle.

Easiest way to stop the real problem: GW picking up a stupid phone and calling Omert and telling him to KNOCK IT OFF, or NO MORE BOMBS, PLANES, or Patriot Defense systems. BTW, where are the Patriot batteries that we heard so much about 10 years ago? Where are they? Not a peep. Is that cause THEY DON'T WORK? Billions of dollars wasted on a stupid "anti-missile" system, and some 15 years after their glorious debut in GW I (gulf War one) they are MIA.

Stay tuned to this space for more fun reading, and I'll tell you more about me in the next few daily (hopefully) collumns!

Peace Brothers and Sisters
The Socialist Christian Hippie of the Quad Cities

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