Thursday, August 17, 2006

That Socialist Christian Hippie feeling

Many people ask me, so...what is it that you have to be a socialist, Christian Hippie?

One: It's Catchy! Say it three times as fast as you please. Now run outside barefoot run onto the neighbors lawn, and lay down on the dewy grass. Smile. Think about all it means to be there. How your neighbor has such a beautiful lawn, how the sky is fun to watch, and how thankful you are for everybody being who they are. So much so that you desire to share the wealth of the world with them. That's that catchy socialist Christian Hippie, showing me the way.

Two: It is most important! Zero equals One. That is not the truth, but it is as close as we can get.

Three: Christian, because, after much searching (I've seen it all man) I found that most of my morality was Christian in origin. Jesus was the original hippie dude. He was cool, collected, thankful, slacker, open to beauty, and loved his fellow man. He was a dude we should all desire to emulate. Science and philosophy are excellent, and so is Jesus. Open your mind to all three. I do.

Mellow out, kick off your shoes. Share the love. Show your peace! We take all kinds here. I am just your host.

The Socialist Christian Hippie of the Quad Cities

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