Sunday, August 13, 2006

Thanks for Sunday

On Sunday, we will give thanks. Please give thanks for 3 and only 3 things. Also, since it is Sunday, we'll give the vitrol a rest, and always say something positive. Today...a poem!

O God,
Welcome me home.
Just as I am.
Warts and all

Let there be no shoes in heaven.
Let us sit in joy together.
Let me sit by my enemy,
Shake their hand,
And watch the Earth turn.
As we make plans for a new world.
A new form.

A place free from fear.
A place of celebration.
A place to rest before trying again.

We will decree that all may partake of the bounty together.
We will decree that all may sing and take part in the choir.
We will decree that large women may reign
And dwell where they please.
What a world that shall be.

All praise, and peace, and thanks to all

The Socialist Christian Hippie

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