Sunday, September 10, 2006

9/11 remember, but no change...really

It's time to remember 9/11 and mourn the horrific leadership of this country since then.

I was against the war in Afghanistan, as well as the war in Iraq, and I still am.

On 9/11 the world turned strange for a little while. My day started with the Today show, and then cartoons for my daughter. Until my mother called saying that something had hit the World Trade center. Then it was back to the Today show for the worst few minutes of reporting ever. Katie was in deep denial. Even after the 2nd plane hit, she went on babling about a "navigational error".

I was screaming for the Pres. to ground all flights right then. The instant after the second plane hit. Billions of dollars for defense, and we didn't have an Air Force ready to protect us.

Anyway...we had a midwife appointment that morning for my 2nd child.

Then I watched as fighters criss crossed over our small metropolitan area. The overreaction had begun.

But, aside from increased governmental paranoia, and a feeling that my world is shrinking as our civil rights have eroded significantly, my life, personally, was untouched. Thankfully.

But, yet, there must be millions of us. Millions of people with lives that weren't that shaken, but for a week, or so, we will be convinced that they were.

In a way, our government took the deaths of 3000 innocents, and now has turned that into nearly 150,000 more. ...and untold into the future we go. Throwing the tantrum of war. Hurting ourselves, hurting others, and not helping the pain to go away. Nursing it. Living off the pain. Making money from it. Neglecting ourselves.

Peace, Peace, Peace!

The Socialist Christian Hippie

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