Friday, September 15, 2006

Vote Obama!

Simple post today. Please contact Senator Barak Obama and urge him to run for President. His views, record and charisma could take the democrats back to the promised land! Dan Hynes may be backing him for various political reasons, but a continued drive by voters to "draft" him will give us the best shot to get him into the campaign. Run Barak Run!

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arkiepaperboy said...

Howdy Hippie,

In a later post of yours that I just call for a major shift in our oil thirsty lifestyle based on the notion that cars kill. Yet you will call for folks to vote for Obama despite the fact that he is pro-choice. Don't you see this to be a contradiction?

I'm not really trying to stir up a debate on either subject, I just find it hard to oppose cars that kill something like 35,000 people a year (please forgive me if I have this number wrong), yet support a man who supports an institution or an action that clearly claims roughly 1.2 million lives a year.