Friday, September 15, 2006

Resonse to the Pres, and those who fear

I am infinitely. INFINITELY more in danger of dying in my car than from islamic terrorism.
Also, I never, ever claimed that Bush didn't protect us on 9/11. I don't blame anyone for 9/11. It is an outgrowth of years of miserable cold war foreign policy, and our greed for oil.
Continued miserable foreign policy and greed for oil will not solve the problem.
The President takes an oath to "defend the constitution of the United States". Not me. Not you. Not the guy down the block. The oath says "defend the constitution of the United States".
On that part of his oath. The main part of the oath. He has FAILED.
As to MY privacy. I give away my information to those I please. If I leave my computer unprotected and Joe Blow tracks my computer, that's my problem (and soon his when I sue him). However, the government cannot track my computer unless I give my permission OR a court finds enough evidence otherwise to grant a warrant. Thus, we are protected.
As a socialist, I am concerned that I am monitored. As someone who has been with people who use drugs recreationally, home school, or violate our dumb medical licensing laws (God bless them, I have a healthy child because people will violate the law), or who non-violently protest, or who violate various code statues in an attempt to have a green lifestyle, or who are naturists, or who occasionally violate the hunting laws, or who don't want their livestock tracked by the FDA, or who don't vaccinate, and on and on.
Or people who discuss these things, such as the dream day when the socialist revolution will overturn this capitalist oligarchy.
I would hate to wake up without the constitution's protection, in a foreign country, under torture because of something I said. It chills free speech, free expression, free association, free press, for heaven's sake.
If you don't believe it, talk to the New York Times, go in a Mosque, talk to someone who is black, or latino. I have friends who can't go places in this country because of their race. TODAY. And they are scared, because the government will walk all over their rights!

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