Wednesday, September 06, 2006

On Freedom

We are not free in this country. We are less free every day. With more cameras, and phones, and cars, and soon rfid tags tracking our every purchase and movement. The government has now shown it has no problem monitoring this extensive data of the mundanities of our lives. Look at WHBF deciding what words we can hear. Look at the schools? What are they best at teaching? How to give in and suck up to a police state. It works! Most of the population is fearful, even of their own bodies. We beg corporations to improve our lives, whilst losing the knowledge every person used to have as to how to build things, and grow their own food. We have become babies of the corporations, and we beg for more.
Well, now the corporations have taken over. So we pay to wear their signs on our bodies. We let them control the government for fear that, if we didn't, they would take their jobs and go...where, exactly, I've never figured out. They've already taken all the jobs they could and found people to work them for less $$.
We live in a corporate facist state.

We live in fear of our bodies, and their interaction with the world around us. We are told all nudity is sexual and gross. Even going barefoot is banned as much as possible, and frowned upon otherwise. Pregnancy is controlled by doctors. Oddly, mostly male doctors have taken over pregnancy, and women are told that it is a horrible thing to give birth. People are ashamed of not having the "perfect" body. We put on clothes when we go to the beach!

What freedoms America once had, and were once held as dear, or at least as tolerable, have been erased. We have zero tolerance policies on everything, because we let fear rule. Not until we accept fear, accept terrorism, or, as Christians everywhere should understand, accept death will we be able to live our lives fully. Until then, we live in a fascist state. Be that state only our fear filled minds.

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