Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am constantly amazed

The Chief Illiniwek problem plays on and on and on.

What is stunning is the general lack of knowledge of history that people show.

1: It seems that many people believe that there is an Illini "tribe" in existence. Not true.

2: People think that white people do not still benefit from the Indian lands we stole. We do...quite a bit. We owe them untold billions. Why untold? We decided not to keep records on how much we owe them. Every American pretty much lives on what was Indian land. I have been to South Dakota many times, and people are still making lots of $$ in the Black Hills. An area that the Indians would like back. An area that the indians in the area held as holy. Imagine if someone came into the vatican and painted an image of four shieks onto the Sistine Chapel. That's what we did in the Black Hills with Mt. Rushmore

3. White people are the dominant race in America, and in the world. China has not taken over yet. White people, white Christians if we want to be more specific, have plundered the riches of more people the world over than any other race of men. The riches of Asia, Africa, Jews, me another group, and white Europeans have stolen from them, raped them, killed them, and made off with their land, gold, silver, oil rights, and on and on.

Then, we go, "Why are they mad at us?"

Well, Jesus says..."Love your enemies". And I try. I fail, but I try.

God says that you shouldn't have any Idols before God.

We lost that battle ages ago. How many mainline churches have services that occur during NFL games? How sneaky that all these services get out at or right before noon on Sunday.


You know, whilst we're on history, we worship Christ on Sunday because the emporer Constantine saw the image of the cross in the Sun? He thought he'd honor them both in one go.

So, get out there and read. If you are confused as to why we have to get rid of the chief, don't hide your head in ignorance. Read our history. Read about Indians ("On the Rez" is a good book about modern indians).

If we're in a war you don't understand, and you want to vote with a clear conscience, ask a historian about America's involvement with foreign countries in the 1980s.

It is enlightening.

Blessings upon you!

Keep barefootin' it! It isn't that cold yet!


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