Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beauty and Truth

Here is something that I wrote responding to the question of evil on the Unitarian Universalist listserv that I belong to. I thought that this might be a good place for it. It represents my main philosophy:

Actually...truth and beauty exist, where evil does not.
Truth is the solid state, what is known, the past, simplicity, hard to say...impossible to is always on the way to truth.
Beauty is "truth in action". Change, novelty, variety, experience, the
Evil is simply a misinterpretation of truth and beauty. Believing one knows "truth" causes two things to happen:
1. You then need to enforce truth regardless of consequences.2. Beauty ceases to exist. If truth becomes static and known, then beauty ceases to concern you. You race towards truth.
Truth sits in the middle of a many faceted jewel. There are so many facets, and infinite number of lifetimes would be required to view it from all of them. One wanders through this jewel, seeing glimpses. As one gets closer the light of truth grows, until it becomes blinding. Yet, the path is still before you. You still have not seen it all. Yet, the blinding light makes you feel as if you've seen it all. But as you get closer it is easier to make a mistake, see truth in entirely the wrong way. Go wandering on a dead end.
Christ solves this problem in an interesting way. He say "This is Truth. I am the way. Follow me!" Yet...he understands we cannot...will not go. So then he says FORGIVE we are all on this path and we all make mistakes, so forgive each other. Hold to what is beautiful in life. Forget about truth. I am truth. The way is truth. Don't worry about truth. Worry about each other.
This is beauty. Beauty main be painful, dark, sad...and yet without pain there is no joy. Without anger, no reconciliation. Without losing, no winning. Dynamic truth. Wonderful.

The Socialist Christian Hippie

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