Monday, September 18, 2006

Greedy for truth

We are all greedy for truth. I, myself, am often selfish and greedy for truth. We often want to better ourselves, and the value of our truth by putting it on others. I do this all the time.

So, as part of being thankful, and embracing radical thankfulness, I am going to work on building truth by looking outside of myself for it.

What do you think truth is?

What is the paradise you seek?

Thank you for your input.

I will not respond until most of the responses are done.

A couple of brief caveats: I understand many people believe truth begins and ends with a savior, prophet or book. I am looking beyond that to what about that prophet, savior or book is attractive to you. What stirs your heart when you desire the truth of Wicca, or Islam, or Jehovah.

For me, the idea of radical thankfulness, pacifism, and egalitarianism leads to less violence, less envy, less jealousy and a strong sense of community that allows each person to find their place and to feel a part of something larger and joyous.

(anyway, that's as far as I go. But that's what I'm looking for. What would heaven on Earth look like? What does Allah want of his servants? What world would the goddess love to see? What would the world look like if you made it in your dreams?)

Take time, expand on it, leave multiple responses.

The Socialist Christian UU Hippie

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