Friday, September 01, 2006


Well, my visit to the Iowa State Fair wasn't totally fruitless. I won the railroading gift package! My son will be very happy.

Trains are something that we need a lot more of. Get traffic off the dang interstate. Clear the streets of cars. What would be more awesome than a light rail system connecting the Quad Cities. What would be better than a train from the Quad Cities to Chicago. We'd get there faster than driving.

Yet, even though the interstate system and the airport system in this country are supported with billions upon billions of tax dollars. In the case of automobile transport, it also kills thousands, and costs billions upon billions of private money to support it.

Amtrak wants a couple billion, and "WHOA! WHAT TAX SUCKING LOSERS!"

Look around you. The tax sucking losers are the oil companies, the car companies, and the airliners dumping their pension plans on the taxpayer.

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